After reading a review about Spinal Reflex Therapy in the Boulder Daily Camera in Oct 2015, I was intrigued by the idea that there was help for my scoliosis and the associated pain.

For approximately the past 20 years I have suffered from chronic lower back pain which was daily affecting my quality of life more and more.  Having tried various pain medications and chiropractic visits, I knew I had nothing to lose by contacting Sally at Rocky Mountain Clinical Massage to discuss my situation.

Meeting Sally personally was like letting a breath of fresh air into my life!  Immediately, I knew I had found the one person who could help me as she explained the procedures.

After my first hour long session I felt instant relief and even noticed a change in my posture!  Thinking I was seeing only what I wanted to see, I was happy to hear my daughter say when she saw me several days later that she noticed such a difference in my carriage and that I no longer seemed to be pulling in on myself.

After 3 months I am now on a maintenance program of monthly visits and feel better than I can remember in such a long time.  Plus, an appointment with Sally is just as comfortable as a visit with a good friend.

- Mikki S.


I spent many years as a highly competitive gymnast and the constant workouts caused some damage to my body.  As an adult I developed high blood pressure due to stress and suffered a mild stroke.  I decided to add biweekly massages to my routine to help with muscle pain and stress relief. During and immediately following the massages I felt much better, but my back and shoulder pain would always return the next day.  When Sally introduced me to Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT), I thought it would be another type of massage that would have similar results.  Through SRT, Sally was able to pinpoint painful areas and provide relief much more quickly.  I can now go for extended periods of time without additional treatments and still enjoy the pain relief that Sally and SRT have provided.  I have been seeing Sally for 5 years and the difference she and SRT have made in how I feel is amazing!

- Kristi C.


RMCM is the perfect place to go for a professional, clinical massage from people who are highly trained in bodywork and skilled in the art of human compassion. I can’t recommend them enough!”
     - Annie B.

“Very intuitive bodywork. As a competitive athlete my body is always at the brink of what it’s capable of- Sally and the staff have kept me healthy and recovering faster than I ever thought possible.”
     - David C.


“Great clinical massage for rehab after rotator cuff surgery. Really helped with flexibility and healing, as well as training rotator cuff muscles to relearn their tasks. Thanks for the thorough knowledge and the affective treatment!”
     - Scott D.


Sally and her staff are wonderful! They have slightly different styles but both have a through knowledge of the body. The massage is a tremendous help for athletes or individuals with troubled areas. They also provide stretches and exercises to help with the areas that are causing issues.”
     - Christa L.




“Sally is hands-down the best clinical massage therapist I have ever encountered. Her skills, knowledge, and kindness have helped alleviate my pain from spinal fracture injuries and the chronic symptoms of scoliosis. Having been treated for these issues for many years, I have worked with several professionals in a couple of states. Sally is simply the best.”
     - B


Sally changed my life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she saved my life with her extensive knowledge of the human body and exceptional warmth and compassion. I first started seeing Sally after I was diagnosed with MS in 2006. Sally’s bodywork, including massage and reflexology, along with her spot on dietary recommendations helped me not only recover from the onset of the illness but become healthier and stronger than ever before. I value Sally more than words can say, and I adore her as one of the kindest, most generous human beings I know.”
     - Helen T.


“I have known and been using Sally for SRT (Spinal Reflex therapy) for the past six years. Sally is reliable, body-aware specialist in SRT and massage.  She has helped me immensely.

Although I have had substantial body work with experienced professionals around town, I was new to SRT and didn’t quite know what to expect. After two cervical fusions and ongoing trouble with an L4-5 herniation, my body, needless to say, was wrecked with constant pain and muscle tightness. I have found the combination of SRT/massage to provide me with immediate and ongoing relief. SRT focuses on the neural networks in the spine. It like acupressure but different...and better. The best part of SRT is how it enhances the massage experience. Previously it would take a therapist 30-40 minutes to break up the tissue so he/she would be able to work into the deep areas where the muscle tightness and pain resided. With SRT, I have found that Sally can work into the painful areas much easier, getting to the tight spots much quicker and more efficiently. Finally, where the benefits of traditional massage were often fleeting (the muscle tightness and pain returned), a SRT session followed by massage provides much longer lasting relief. I am no longer a skeptic. I am a believer in SRT.”
     - Greg T


Working with Sally and SRT has deepened my appreciation for the healing power of alternative and massage therapy. Because of an old shoulder injury, my athletic pursuits persistently strain my back muscles and cause chronic pain. I was in constant need of massage therapy to loosen my entire back; it was too expensive to be sustainable. When I heard about SRT and its capability for undoing muscle damage, I was immediately interested. I began working with Sally, and after each treatment, muscles that I hadn’t even realized were tight had become unwound and I reclaimed the energy that their constant contraction cost me. For someone who regularly snowboards and mountain bikes, SRT has been incredibly productive for repairing the strain that I put on my body.

Each session is different, but at the end of it I can feel the positive effects throughout my body. I can feel the relaxation of a smoother energy flow throughout my muscles and connective tissue. Over the course of several sessions, I can feel improvements not only in my back alignment but throughout my entire body—a sprained ankle getting stronger, a tweaked wrist returning to normal. When any of my friends talk about back pain or muscle injury, I recommend without hesitation that they see Sally.”
     - Christina P.

“Incredible! The knowledge Sally has and puts to use to keep me running is incredible!”
     - Stacie B.

“Exceptional, attentive work that gets right to the muscular links of body issues. Sally has healed me in ways that are lifelong in protecting my body from the overuse of my career. She is the real deal! Passionate to her skill, professional and the highest quality of bodywork.”
     - Barb C.

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